We assist authorities all over the world in identifying victims of accidents, natural disasters and terrorist acts. Our software DVI System International offers state-of-the-art processing of the large amount of information on missing persons and unidentified bodies received by the authorities during the aftermath of the disaster.

DVI System International is the fastest and safest tool in situations where relatives in despair wants certainty and the authorities need rapid and reliable data.

Plass Data Software is an independent Danish company.


Vision and mission

We develop specially designed software, capable of creating clarity for relatives and authorities in the day-to-day work with missing persons and unidentified bodies as well as following major accidents and disasters.



Plass Data Software A/S has been developing customized software applications for specialised business processes since 1978. We have a history of delivering flexible and strategic solutions, which offer quality, reliability and extensive service. 

Our software DVI System International has been used in the aftermath of major accidents and disasters all over the world since the mid-1990s.

The present quality of the DVI System International is a result of INTERPOL’s standard DVI Forms which combined with our odontology software made up the software which was introduced to the INTERPOL member states for the first time in 1995.

The odontology part of the system was originally developed for Danish dentists. Plass Data had expertise in recording dental treatment with a graphic display of teeth, gained through jobs of developing programs for dental clinics. In 1987 a contact was established with the Danish Police Force, who saw a great potential in using the odontology program as an important asset to INTERPOL’s general identification procedures.

In 1995 a new collaboration was initiated involving representatives of the Norwegian and the Danish Police Forces in co-operation with Plass Data Software A/S. The goal was to develop an IT System for the identification of victims of disasters and major accidents.

This development was half finished when a Russian aircraft crashed in the Norwegian island of Svalbard and 144 people were killed.

It was agreed to use the new program during the identification phase following this disaster, and at the same time put all resources to complete the development.

With further development, the program was sold to ten other countries. Several of these countries started using DVI System International as a national register of missing persons and unidentified bodies. To accommodate this need Plass Data added a J-page (not in the original INTERPOL standard), which contains some further necessary information, which is not included in the DVI forms.

When the Tsunami occurred in Thailand in December 2004 several countries using DVI System International had victims of the disaster. Because of the many advantages of electronic exchange of identification data from similar systems, DVI System International was chosen as the common program for INTERPOL and the many DVI teams from the countries assisting in the identification effort in Thailand.

Plass Data developers were at the Tsunami Victim Identification Centre in Thailand for the first months of 2005 and during this task the DVI System International underwent considerable development and improvement in collaboration with DVI teams and experts from all over the world.

Since then the DVI System International has proved its indisputable quality countless times in many countries.

Today our software is used by INTERPOL and countries around the world. We continuously develop our software in close collaboration with their DVI Teams.


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