How to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing DVI System International or other of our products or services please  Contact us   

On receipt of your enquiry we will get in touch with you and analyze your needs. On the basis of your needs we will prepare a quotation and a draft agreement for you and send it to you for approval.

Frequent questions from new customers:

Who is the owner of the software?
Plass Data is the owner and Sole Proprietor as well as the sole provider of DVI System International.

Our Customers
Our customers are usually police forces and other organizations/institutions working with identification. The individual customer purchase a license to use our software according to a specific agreement.

Plass Data offers, to our Customers an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive and worldwide License to use and copy the Licensed Software, including the right to transfer (gift) the Licensed Software to each of the Customer Jurisdictions for their exclusive use, in accordance with a written Licence and Support Agreement.

Maintenance & Support
The DVI System International License comes with a mandatory Maintenance and Support Agreement, which covers all updates for the purchased modules and second level support.

We also provide on-site support in the Customer country. Get more information on Maintenance and Support.

We offer both standard or customized training courses in the Customer country.

Translation (optional):
We offer to assist the customer in translating the Forms and the user interface of the Plass Data DVI System International. Since we are not skilled in all customer languages and their DVI terms – Plass Data do not perform any actual translation of words/sentences, for that we will need the assistance of the relevant Customer Police resources, but we will do the fitting of the translations in the DVI Forms and the user interface, build the necessary rdl-files etc.

Technical Requirements:
For information on technical requirements see

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