May 2005 Plass Data Software and INTERPOL initiated a co-operation which is still in force today. Plass Data Software and INTERPOL signed an agreement that INTERPOL’s Incident Response Teams deployed to assist member countries following any major accident or disaster will be equipped with the latest version of DVI System International.

“INTERPOL’s Disaster Victim Identification forms are already recognized and used as the global standard in identifying victims of major disasters,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble. “Having direct access to Plass Data at the scene of a disaster will enable investigators to immediately begin inputting data which will greatly help the identification process.” (

Today our software DVI System International is used by INTERPOL for Disaster Victim Identification operations in the morrow of major accidents, disasters and terrorist acts all over the world.

DVI System International is also installed at the INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon, so that INTERPOL member countries gathering AM (ante-mortem) data on possible victims will have a direct 24-hour point of contact for sending their information via the INTERPOL Command and Co-ordination Centre.

The Plass Data DVI System International is the only commercially available Disaster Victim Identification system, which is fully integrated with INTERPOL’s DVI forms.

The DVI System International undergoes continuous development and is always updated with the latest version of the INTERPOL DVI Forms to ensure that INTERPOL’s standards are met. 

Interpol Partner