Why DVI System International?

Monday, 13 October 2014

DVI System International offers timesaving and reliable processing of the large amount of ante-mortem (AM) and post-mortem (PM) information when relatives in despair wants certainty and the authorities need rapid and reliable data in the aftermath of a disaster. Among the many other advantages of the software are:

  • Considerable time saved when comparing data
  • Only commercially available DVI system, which is fully integrated with INTERPOL’s DVI forms (the global standard in identifying victims of major disasters
  • A specially designed National Missing Person and Unidentified Bodies (MPUB) database and forms (used in day-to-day work on missing persons and unidentified bodies)
  • The unique dental system, developed in consultation with dentists from the INTERPOL DVI Standing Committee, Forensic Odontology Working Group
  • Operates in any administrative and technical topology – data can be collected at worldwide, national, agency, workgroup or single user level
  • Ease of data exchange with other databases and other users of DVI System International
  • Search capabilities on all entered data, including dental records, DNA, fingerprints, X-rays etc.
  • Automatic batch matching on all dental and DNA data.
  • Automatic match suggestions based on physical identifiers and belongings (optional)
  • Automatic match suggestions based on photos of i.e. tattoos (optional)
  • Multilangual choice – work in our system using your preferred on-screen language.
  • Print complete DVI form sets in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • Offline use: Register data on a notebook computer on site
  • Web- or intranet-based deployment


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