Maintenance & Support

Our DVI, MPUB and DIR software comes with a mandatory Maintenance and Support Agreement, which covers all updates for the purchased modules and second level support.

The customer has the choice of a 1, 2 or 3 year Maintenance and Support Agreement.

The Maintenance and Support service must be ordered in a continuous fashion for as long as the customerwants to maintain the licensed software.

If, at any time, the customerchooses not to renew the Maintenance and Support Period, the customeris entitled to re-enter a Maintenance and Support Agreement by ordering the next major upgrade at the given list price and then continue ordering the DVI Maintenance and Support services on top of that.


On-site Support

Plass Data offers to kinds of on-site support.

One is the emergency on-site support provided at a disaster-site in the aftermath of a disaster.  

The other is technical on-site support to our customers in their country independent of a disaster. In this case our experts will assist the authorities to ensure they are technically prepared to handle the large amount of information on missing persons and unidentified bodies received during the aftermath of a disaster.


Piggyback Support

We usually co-operate with the federal police force of a country. Especially in large countries it sometimes can be difficult for the federal police to conduct DVI System International training and support to all regional/local DVI-units in a way that fits the needs of the regional/local DVI units.

In agreement with the federal police force having an active DVI International Maintenance and Support Agreement Plass Data offers to directly manage training and support for the regional/local units who needs it. 

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