We offer customized training courses matching the specific prerequisites of the participants whether they are new or advanced users, police officers, dentists, forensics etc.  

A Plass Data training course is conducted in the customer country. The training will be conducted in English.

There is a maximum of 12 participants per trainer. If the customer wish to have more than 12 participants per training course the customer will need more than one (1) trainer. If the customer has a few more than 12 participants it is possible to complete the course with one (1) trainer and one (1) local super user.


Educational License

We offer to provide Educational Licenses of our software. Since an Educational License is provided at prices that are significantly less than the prices to other organizations and commercial users an Educational License contains use restrictions that are not found in commercial licenses of the Software.

Only a Qualified Educational Institution, which is either: (a) a University licensed by the appropriate authority, or (b) a faculty at a Qualified Educational Institution may obtain an educational license (it is marked “Only for educational purposes”).  The Licensed Software may solely be used on campus and for educational purposes only.

A Licensee who purchases an educational version of the Licensed Software, must not use the Licensed Software and files created by the Licensed Software for a commercial purpose or sell or transfer it to another organization or commercial user.

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