The DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) System International – also known as the Plass Data System – is an IT system for the identification of victims of major accidents and disasters. The software offers state-of-the-art processing of the large number of data on missing persons and dead bodies resulting from a disaster.

Owner and sole provider
Plass Data Software A/S is the sole proprietor and provider of DVI System International. Our customers are usually police forces and other organizations/institutions working with identification. The individual customer purchase a license to use our software according to a specific agreement.

Plass Data offers, to our Customers an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive and worldwide License to use and copy the Licensed Software, including the right to transfer (gift) the Licensed Software to each of the Customer Jurisdictions for their exclusive use, in accordance with a written License and Support Agreement.

Use of the system
Data on missing persons (ante-mortem data) and decedents (post-mortem data) are entered or imported into the system. The recording is based on INTERPOL DVI Forms, recognized as the global standard and used by the 190 INTERPOL member countries. Our software then compares the data and pinpoints plausible matches which are subsequently examined manually in detail before final identification. This way considerable time is saved.

Whilst the full functionality of the DVI System International can be utilized by using the majority of the data entry options, the software will also work – but at a lower capability level – by using those features available at the customer level.

You can work offline. It is possible to register data in DVI System International on a notebook computer even at remote disaster sites without any internet connections.

Unique software
The DVI System International is a specially designed software. It includes a dental records system in a class of its own developed in consultation with dentists from the INTERPOL DVI Standing Committee, Forensic Odontology Working Group.

The DVI System International is furthermore the only commercially available DVI system, which is fully integrated with INTERPOL’s DVI forms. A case in the DVI System International consists of pages similar – but not identical – to the paper INTERPOL DVI forms. We have added computer functionality not available to the paper-based system. Because screen pages replicate the printed INTERPOL DVI forms, users are not in doubt about where to register data in DVI System International. For that reason users who only update data in DVI System International only needs a very short training before they are comfortable with the software.

Search capabilities on all entered data
It is possible to carry out advanced searches on all entered data, including dental records, DNA, fingerprints, X-rays, photos, etc. Automatic batch matching on all dental and DNA data can also be applied.

The DVI System International is being used by INTERPOL and countries around the world. It has proved its indisputable quality countless times in many countries. For instance, it has been used for the identification of the victims of

  • The Thai tsunami – in the Thai Tsunami Victim Identification Centre (2005)
  • The Air France AF447 plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean (2009)
  • The MH17 plane crash in eastern Ukraine (August 2014)  

For more information on disasters where DVI System International was used in the identification of the victims please see We make a difference when disaster strikes.

Easy exchange of data and multilingual choice
Most major accidents or disasters involve victims of different nationalities. This necessitates a rapid, easy and standardised exchange of identification information between the countries involved. If DVI teams from several countries are working together, using the same computer software, where data can be easily exchanged, is an obvious advantage.

Because of its structure exchange of data with other databases and other users of DVI System International is easy. It also allows DVI teams to work together with ease, even if they do not speak the same language. Each DVI team is able to work in our system using their preferred on-screen language.

The system is able to print complete DVI form sets in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. The system also supports local national translations, making them available to other DVI user countries as well.

Continuous development
We continuously develop DVI System International in close collaboration with INTERPOL and DVI Teams all over the world. This way we ensure that the needs of our customers and the INTERPOL standards are met.

New features in the DVI System International, Version 5
The brand new Version 5 of the DVI System International was released at the end of September 2014. Major new added features include:

  • Full implementation of INTERPOL DVI Forms 2013
  • A specially designed National Missing Person and Unidentified Bodies (MPUB) database and forms (used in day-to-day work on missing persons and unidentified bodies
  • Designed to operate in any administrative and technical topology – data can be collected at worldwide, national, agency, workgroup or single user level
  • Automatic match suggestions based on physical identifiers and belongings (optional)
  • Automatic match suggestions based on photos of i.e. tattoos (optional)
  • Management of complete case portfolios, including NIST Fingerprint and DNA files
  • Web- or intranet-based deployment with a new advanced search engine

Technical Requirements:
For technical requirements see https://plassdata.jira.com/wiki/display/DVISUP













The Missing Person and Unidentified Bodies (MPUB) database and forms are used in day-to-day work with missing person and unidentified bodies.

In the specially designed MPUB module it is possible to enter information about the missing person like for instance last known to be alive, missing from, last seen at/in, possible whereabouts and possible motive for disappearance. Information that is not available in the DVI forms.

The MPUB Module is an optional additional module to the DVI System International.













The DIR (Disaster Involved Registration) System International  is a database used for acute registration of missing persons in the morrow of a major accident or disaster. Often a large number of relatives is contacting the authorities to report family members or friends missing because they assume their friends or family members were present when the disaster happened.

The information on all missing persons from the incoming calls is recorded in the DIR System International and so is the information on the persons found.

In the DIR System International it is possible to enter the most basic information about the missing/found persons as well as information on who is next of kin, who is to be contacted etc.

Using this limited information the software matches as many missing and found persons as possible and every time a person is eliminated as a victim the information on that person is removed from the database.

Later the information on missing persons who are not found is transferred to the DVI System International matching with the unidentified bodies found.  


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